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Sandy Horne


First Nations Educational Entertainment
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Welcome to the Interactive World of First Nations FOR TWEENS & TEENS



 Modeling replica clothing      Raven lights the world            Big Drums



                                           Story of Turtle Island                   Secondary school round dances


1.  Introduction of Artists, Opening Song.

  • 2.  Introduction to Tribal Life and the assignment of Clans.
  • 3.  Native people are the original Environmentalists and lived in spiritual,
         mental, physical and emotional harmony with everything Below, Upon
         and Above Mother Earth.

  • 4.  Laughter ensues at the antics of Raven as he lights up the world.

  • 5,  Stories are interwoven throughout the program.

  • 6.  Students have fun with history modeling replica clothing (grades 4-8)

  • 7.  Up close and personal with the Big Drums; they represent the 
         sacredness of Mother Earth and define Indigenous Gender Equality.

  • 8. Call and Response songs with themes that include: sharing, caring,
         respect, trust, truth, self-esteem, wise leadership, good hearts.   

  • 9. The Magic and Folly of our Digital World.

  • 10.   Group Cultural Unity Round Dance to the sound of  excited drums.



1.  SECONDARY SCHOOLS:  Upon request, specific curriculum topics are discussed, including: Truth & Reconciliation, Governance issues, Women, Residential School, 60's Scoop, Indian Act, Treaties, Land Claims, Restorative Justice/Indigenous Rights, Gender Issues.

2.  Show is adapted to suit the grade level. 





SPACE & PROP REQUIREMENTS: (a) Gym or space large enough to accommodate dancing. (b) 2 Long Tables, (c) 20 chairs for the big drums.


AUDIENCE MAXIMUM: 150 Students + Teachers. Grades 4-6, 7-8, 9-12.


PRESENTATION LENGTH:  75-80 minutes.


SHOW FEE: GTA: $800.00 + HST (2 Performers).

                    OUTSIDE GTA: Show fee does NOT include where applicable:
                                            travel, per diem, accommodation. 


NOTE 1:  There is a special fee for two or three shows booked on the same day in the same school.


NOTE 2: Special Presentation fee for Tours of 8-10 shows in a week (2 shows per day within reasonable driving distance)



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Interactive Aboriginal Programming for Children, K-3




                Gossiping Clams              Dreamcatcher          Raven Lights the World      Round Dance


1.  RAVEN RAP: He explains how he brought light to the world.

2.  DRUMMING:  Children have a glorious time playing together with their 
                            Teachers on the Big Drums.

3.  SINGINGCall and Response Songs with Medicine Wheel themes that
                      include: Sharing, Caring, Faith, Self-Esteem, Respect, Truth.

4.  HAND PUPPET STORIES: Gossiping Clams, Squirrel Meets Walrus,
                                               Starfish and Clam.

5.  OTHER STORIES:  Dreamcatcher, White Wolf and Orca. 

6.  DANCING:  First Nations Cultural Unity Round Dance,  to the sound of
                       cheerful big drums.




SPACE & PROP REQUIREMENTS: (a) Gym or space large enough to accommodate dancing. (b) 2 Long Tables, (c) 20 chairs for the big drums.


AUDIENCE MAXIMUM: 150 Students + Teachers. Grades K-3




SHOW FEE: GTA: $800.00 + HST (2 Performers).

                    OUTSIDE GTA: Show fee does NOT include where applicable:
                                            travel, per diem, accommodation.


NOTE 1:  There is a special fee for two or three shows booked on the same day in the same school.


NOTE 2: Special Presentation fee for Tours of 8-10 shows in a week (2 shows per day within reasonable driving distance)


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Sandy and I work in a school on a 2-3 day project basis. It is a Song-writing/Acting workshop with emphasis on Anti-Bullying, Medicine Wheel/Character Education and Environmental themes. Project culminates in a public performance.




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"You and your sister, Sandy were magnificent. When I asked people what was a highlight your name came up very often. I hope this is the start of a long, beautiful relationship. I loved what you had to say and the drumming was very spiritual." (S. Flood, Plasp) "Thank you for your presentation. Your name alone [Thunderbird] is inspiring and uplifting; your ability to teach and inform us with music and the sacred drum made us richer and better. Your attire is also really cool. Thank you for your insight into nature and animals, we really appreciated the discussion of sustainable living." (Cardinal Leger SS)
"I would like to thank you for sharing your story, gift of song with a wonderful sense of humour. Your story is strong....Thank you for reminding us that we are...stewards of the land and each other. We are so blessed and privileged to have shared this experience with you. Our school is working tirelessly to share and celebrate our ancestral people." (D. Della Rossa, St. john Fisher) "Thank you so much for being part of the CAIS 2017 National Student Leadership Conference. You support was indispensable and the conference would not have been the same without." (Rebecca, Laura, Nathan, Mihail)

"My teacher friends: Shannon Thunderbird was the keynote at the Peace Tree Conference and was truly amazing. Her interactive presentation brought positive messages and teachings of cooperation, inclusivity, equity and diversity and was extremely well received by educators and students. Please consider inviting Shannon Thunderbird and her big drums to your school."

(Oksana Majorski, York School Board Aboriginal Liaison, Dec. 2014)

"How you engage students is incredible. You have the gift of making them feel special and talented. You took away their fears of answering questions and participating in activities...I have never seen them so engaged as I have with you.


Not only do you connect with students, however, I love the way you educate them about the Native peoples and the history of Canada. They were so interested. You brought an awareness about Native peoples to them that they never had before. I also loved the way you brought other social issues into your discussion e.g. sexuality, facebook, etc. The interactive performances involving the students was amazing....they let go of all of their inhibitions.


Caryl Durst, Guidance Department

College Heights Secondary School (Guelph)

"I was completely impressed, entertained, and enlightened. I have had very positive feedback from several teachers and many parents. The young children were excited after your presentation and loved the dancing and singing. I could tell from your energy when I met you that you were going to be an engaging and inspirational speaker and singer."


(Felix Montessori, Toronto)

"Hi Shannon, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say that I thought your presentation was one of the best I have ever seen from a guest speaker here at Lourdes. It was so wonderful to see a whole auditorium full of teenagers dancing and singing and learning to appreciate First Nations culture while valuing themselves. Surely a small first step that we can continue moving forward. We most definitely will want to have you back. The students raved about you and Sandy--please also tell her how much we appreciate her presence."

Yvonne Runstedler

Department Head- Theology and Family Studies

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic High School, Guelph, ON

"We really want to improve our awareness of and education around aboriginal wisdom, teachings, and history at our school. Another teacher told me that she loved your message of nobility and purpose in all living things. She thought that you really made the idea clear to students that all living things have a value and have something important to contribute to society.


Thank you for coming today. We were thrilled to have you here and I think you have made a lasting impression on the staff and students here at Kelsey."


Warm regards,

Jackie Dixon, TDSB

"Shannon is passionate about bringing her peoples' story to the youth of Canada. I have observed her workshops many times...and she continues to engage our young people in a very memorable interaction. Her message is one of respect and understanding; her workshop on the teachings of the Medicine Wheel dovetail beautifully into the Character Traits teachings in our schools. Shannon is a vote for wisdom and tolerance."

(L. McGregor, Foundation for Enriching Education

"Make the show longer. We could have listened to Shannon's stories all day!. She is the best special guest by far we've had come to our school."
(K. Littleton, South Perth)

"Shannon's performances are always great, as was this one!" 

(H. MacDonald, Lower School Director, Holy Trinity School, Richmond Hill, ON)

"The students were happy with Shannon. She has an excellent energy that makes you just want to be enveloped by her loving arms. The kids knew this about her right away."
T. Garratt, Eastdale SS, Niagara)

April/May, 2013. Four Provinces, 10,000 kids, 10,000 kilometres! WHEW!


"Shannon is an outstanding storyteller. Students listened intently. Excellent springboard for in-class character discussions and learning about First Nations culture. She increased self-esteem, one student said she never liked having red hair until Shannon made her feel special because of it."
(L. Erb, Clinton PS)

"Once again, thanks for your enormous contribution to the success of our day - and Shannon, those angels[C.E. Webster Magic 60 Choir] at the McConnell Family Foundation tribute dinner were absolutely magnificent. The 'big people' spoke glowingly of their work all through the evening."
(L. Desilets, ArtsSmarts)

"You had to be there to see it, embrace

it, learn from it and enjoy it. Shannon and Sandy are absolutely fabulous. Without doubt, the best presentation I've seen in 27 years of teaching."
(Teacher, North Eastern Catholic DSB)

Her show was so powerful. Many of the students were emotional. Keep her coming."
(J. Van Nie, Goderich Collegiate)

How can I thank you enough? What luck for us to have met you - your work, presentation and greetings taught us so much, and re-enforced for me why we all work so damn hard!  The opening, closing songs were an inspiration. The session was educational. The choir was magical! We look forward to working with you in the future. (A. Adair, Former Executive Director, ArtsSmarts)

We were so honoured to have you debut "Eagle Thunder" in our schools, and at three festivals. It is absolutely amazing how you and Sandy were able to keep on average four hundred and fifty kids riveted on what you were presenting. You have a gift of great storytelling and we learned so much about Canada's Native people." (Teacher, Merrillville PS, Indiana, USA)

"What a pleasure it was meeting you both during your FAME visit. You are such a wonderful, wise and beautiful woman and I truly enjoyed learning from you! You are a fascinating storyteller that just leave you wanting to hear more." (T. Irmscher, Foundation of Music and Arts Education, Fort Wayne, Indiana)

How you kept over five hundred kids focused on you and Sandy, is a testament to your passion for your culture and just how good you both are at keeping the kids engaged.  It was a great experience, your singing voices are gorgeous."

(Teacher, Fort Wayne, IN)

"Thank you for your beautiful demonstration and words of wisdom. It was very much appreciated."
(Crime Stoppers Committee, AB Lucas High School, London)

Click here for a  Statement  from the Northwestern Voice

"Your presentation had a great impression on me, and I think you are an incredible and inspirational woman. I learned a lot about Native beliefs and customs, and felt you really taught what we lack in class....You brought a sense of humility and understanding...and I was deeply touched by the messages. You are an amazing woman, and I think you are doing a great thing to help non-aboriginals understand your people.  I would love to meet you and see you perform again. I feel privileged to have met you even once. Thank you so much. You have had a lasting impression on me and my classmates." (CC, Madill High School, Wingham, ON)

"Drawing on her
Pacific Northwest Coast Tsimshian roots, Thunderbird's mesmerizing emotional impact on audiences arises from her three and a half octave range, storytelling ability, and deep involvement with First Nations issues. Her drumming, original music and lyrics, stirring repertoire, presentation and luscious voice make her one of the most in-demand performing artists on the current scene."
(King Weekly)

"Thank you so much for the performance at our Canadian Symposium for Arts and Learning this week. The audience was just wowed by your performance, and we so appreciated it."

S. Robertson, Canadian Network for Arts and Learning)

"The opportunity for students to learn how First Nations music was originally created [Thunder Wolf], and then to actually write a song, that you translated into your language so they could sing it, was invaluable to their overall music education. I very appreciated your kindness and inclusivity."  (Music Teacher, Private School)


"Thank you so much for your presentation to the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario Aboriginal Education Summer Academy. Your expertise and passion influences our teachers and reaches our students, ultimately."

(K. Makin, ETFO)


"Ni'it Shannon and Sandy,

The buzz around today is still high from your presentation yesterday.  My kids couldn't say enough about how great it was.  They were "free thought journally" today and many filled a page and were sharing with each other.  I love it!  The children who had the opportunity to drum were still drumming today.  One of my girls went home last night and made a couple of instruments to add to our gathering circle this morning.  Wonderful!  Of course singing the Water Song this morning was the highlight!  They LOVE it!  One boy said I love it because it's catchy and you get to do actions.  A great way to start our morning.  Thank you for sending the lyrics.

I asked the grade 8s what they thought and they too loved the afternoon.  Many teachers were thanking me for having you come to the school. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and educating the kids in a fun way."
(Sue M., St. Anthony, Brampton, ON)




Presentations support the curricula for all Grades and post-secondary). Most subject areas can benefit from First Nations knowledge, including: Native Studies, Art, Canadian and World Studies, Criminology and Justice, Dramatic Arts, English, Environmental Studies, Geography, History, Humanities, Law, Music, Nursing, Philosophy, Police Foundations and Training courses, Politics, Religion, Social Science, Social Studies, Social Work,  Sociology, Storytelling, Theatre.


"First Nations knowledge influenced tribal life for thousands of years; it taught us about teamwork, co-operation, quelling the ego, and being part of the joyful sound of one heart beating." (Shannon Thunderbird)



More Testimonials about Shannon Thunderbird and Sandy Horne

"Shannon, On behalf of all the staff and students that attended your presentation, we absolutely loved it! The kids were very engaged in learning about many aspects of First Nations and about the importance of preserving your culture. We were very inspired to learn more about the Stolen Generation and watched a video on this terrible history of our nations past. We also saw the apology from Harper along with the response from our First Nation people, in which the students were very moved by this event. You created a very safe, inclusive environment that allowed our students to get reacquainted with each other, while being moved to the soothing sounds of the beating drums. The kids felt very honoured to be members of the wolf clan and they actively strive to live up to what the symbol of the wolf means.

Keep up the excellent work and we very much look forward to meeting again with you next year. Thank you for your expertise and genuine love of
(Sincerely, Mrs. N. Young, and the Emily Carr Grade 6  Division)


"If you don't book this show [Thunder Rocks], you are missing out on a fabulous addition to the First Nations curriculum. Spoken from a Native perspective, Ms Thunderbird offered insight into things I did not know.  My students and I had a fabulous time." (Teacher, North


"It was a pleasure having
Sandy and yourself perform and work with the students over the past two days. The feedback has been nothing but positive. Everyone learned a ton and enjoyed the wealth of talent that both of you brought to our school community. I want to thank you both so much for making this such an excellent experience. All the best to you both!"  (M. Menheere, Principal)


"Students and Teachers can all benefit from Thunderbird's considerable knowledge and the entertaining way in which she dispenses it!"

(Vice-Principal, Avon Maitland)



YouTube Video - Thunderbird Storytelling

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We also create other special presentations should a school, school board or other venue have a particular Indigenous theme they wish addressed.




An understanding of First Nations History and Culture are critical components in any educational experience because it offers insight into North America's very foundation. Teya Peya's presentations are suitable for any and all Turtle Island's Native Studies programmes.



 1.  Public, Catholic, Private Schools: K-3, 4-8

 2. Public, Catholic, Private Schools, 9-12

 3.  Community Colleges and Universities 





"Always among the highest expression of every culture, the arts teach us much about every historical period through its literature, visual arts, music, dance, and drama. Today it is recognized that to be truly well educated, one must not only learn to appreciate the arts, but must have rich opportunities to actively participate in creative work. The arts are languages that most people speak, cutting through individual differences in culture, educational background, and ability. They can bring every subject to life and turn abstractions into concrete reality. Learning through the arts often results in greater academic achievement and higher test scores." ( 


In other words, no one can participate in human conversation/experience or have a true understanding of human history without engaging in the study of the arts. The arts are as integral to an enlightened citizenship as the understanding of numbers, science, words, technology and history. 


Through my work with organizations that include: Prologue to the Performing Arts, Arts for Children and Youth (AFCY), ArtsSmarts, Aboriginal Education Centre (TDSB) and my own production company, I have brought accurate First Nations knowledge regarding cultures, histories and spirituality to thousands of students across Canada.


Such education is vital to quell misunderstandings, deliberate or otherwise, of the First People, that undermines us and underestimates our immense contributions to the common good of Canada.


 Canadian youth are the primary stakeholders in the future of our world, and the health of the environment. There is an urgency for the Aboriginal voice to be heard, as learning about the richness of Indigenous cultures, helps to strengthen the resolve for ALL people to create strong cultural, social and economic bonds. That is why we are being called back to the Drum to share what we know.


That is also why I resist situations where Indigenous people are viewed as "legally permissible and barely tolerated". My presentations are formulated for good minds open to reason, hearts open to love, and to those who value our true identity as valuable contributors to Canada's rich cultural mosaic. Like all good people, Native people do not exist for themselves alone, but for the sake of humanity. Our fundamental motivations have always been to be in service to others by proclaiming the truth of our existence in a way that teaches and elevates.


What better way to celebrate this than to offer presentations that educate, entertain and inspire. Wilwilaaysk, All My Relations.







--Presentations help to re-define Canada's Native Studies curriculum by offering a First Nations  perspective on our history and culture by addressing both pre- and post-European contact issues, which includes definitions, i.e. I am not an 'Indian'.


--Bullying, jealousy, hate, greed, racism, sexism, gender choices, lies, arrogance, searing self-absorption, destructive "power over" attitudes  are wasteful pursuits, causing the human heart to fall to the ground.  Instead......


  • --How to be a "Warrior of Peace" -- Character Education that includes; self-esteem, pride, grace, dignity, intelligent choices, honour, truth, respect, love, honesty, wisdom, humility, courage, confident personal identity heals the world.


--Our Youth need powerful messages that allow for the growth of the consciousness, the quelling of ego in order to embrace mindfulness; to stay in the present and act in non-judgemental ways.


--Identification and meaning of First Nations symbols and sacred objects.


--Understanding that the Oral Narrative, Music and Theatre are the "cultural grounding" of North America's  Indigenous people.


--The collective female voice that is Mother Earth's bedrock must be heard and respected.


--Freedom is a basic human right for ALL people, and not a privilege.


--Create relevancy for ALL people through the power of Medicine Wheel teachings (anti-bullying Character Education).


--Give voice to the exquisite magic of cultural and human diversity; it offers a world of possibilities and connections for ALL people.


--Sing with the song of Orca; dance with the dynamism of Raven Magic, howl with the voice of Wolf; give voice to the words of the Ancestors.


--Help break down stereotypical attitudes towards Canada's First Nations People.