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The Best First Nations Educational Entertainment for Adults, Teens, Tweens, Children

Gossiping Clams: K-3, Raven Lights the World, 4-8, Round Dance 9-12 (Quebec)

1.   Wolf Thunder: Big Drums Are Calling!       

      Tweens & Teens (Grades 4-6, 6-8, 9-12) 

2.   Turtle Thunder Sings

      (Grades K-3)

3.   Thunderbird Native Theatre - lots of photos

       (3-4 Performers, Big Drums, Vocals, Performance Stories, Dance.
       Evenings and weekends only)

4.   Sweet Thunder Medicine Wheel & Songwriting

       (Grades 6-8, 9-12, 2-3 day project-based)



Eagle Thunder: Song of Hope

Speakers' Bureau & Workshops, Seminars


"Thank you so much for being part of the CAIS 2017 Conference.
Your support was indispensable and the conference would not have been the same without you."   (Rebecca, Laura, Nathan, Mihail)





Shannon Thunderbird & Sandy Horne

Teya Peya Productions

Publications, CDs, Youtube

Shannon's Highlights




Affirmation Ceremonies

Big Drums are Calling

Elder 'Speak' - In Their Own Words

Indigenous Knowledge, Supernatural & Ceremonies

Medicine Wheel Knowledge

Pacific Northwest Coast

Prayers, Mantras & Sacred Thoughts

Prophecies & Knowledge

Sacred Objects, Images, Nature and Their Meanings





 All About Women (Good, Bad, Ugly)

Women's Health

Women & Ceremony




Columbus Rant (Why I'm not an Indian!)

Facts and  Fantasy About Turtle Island's Indigenous People

Indigenous History

Thunderbird's World View

(including: Tediousness of False Ideologies
 Arrogance of Cultural Appropriation;
Poor Red is Dead: The Musical)




Canadian Constitution

Indian Act

Indigenous Rights, Restorative Justice, 60s Scoop, Great Law

Modern 'Indian' Wars

Residential Schools

Royal Proclamation

Self-Government, Sovereignty and Land Claims

Warriors of Peace




Aboriginal Art

Animal Stories A-M

Animal Stories N-Z

Stories - When Science, Nature & Native Stories Merge

Magic & Wisdom of the Indigenous  Oral Narrative

Music, Dance, Theatre





Land Claims, Self-Determination, Indigenous Rights, Environment

Housing & Transportation

Language & Cultural Groups

Lifestyle, Gender Roles, Elders

Native Contributions

Powwows, Protocol, Behaviour & Celebration

Two-Spirited (LGBT) People




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My site is as accurate as possible and is subject to change if I find or I am in receipt of information or updates that are verifiable. If you do not agree with what is written on any of the pages, and if a civilized and informed discussion is not possible, I suggest you exit the site immediately.  Oh, and by the way, I am NOT an INDIAN.


Also, I occasionally  have someone suggest that to be taken seriously I should remove my animated figures, reduce all the colour, in other words, 'vanilla-ize' the site so it looks more professional.  I am a lover of colour, animation and a lot of humour. After forty-five years as a professional Indigenous artist/educator, writer, if you can't take me seriously, removing fun little animated graphics isn't going to change that. Stand Tall, Sing Loud, Drum Proud. See y'all at the Big Drums. Cheers.

Shannon Thunderbird,

Unrepentant Tsimshian Elder