Orion Drums for hand drums, handmade djembes, ashikos, didjeridus,

		d'jun d'juns and more.  Made in Canada.






Keep your eyes on Freedom of Speech, Assembly, Beliefs, Equality, Human Dignity, and Care for Mother Earth



 "The Enduring Spirit of Aboriginal Women"

Thunderbird Women's Big Drum Group

Thunderbird Women's Big Drum Group

Shannon & Sandy with St. Peter's Secondary School.

Thunderbird, Hart House, Storytelling

Thunderbird, Ford Centre, Hosting Prologue to the Performing Arts Showcase

Thunderbird Native Theatre - 2012 Culture Days 

Toronto Star, June 16, 2012  Thunderbird's work at Bala Avenue Community school, a Toronto inner city school.

Shannon and her Christmas Village



We all Need Somebody to Lean On Me - My absolute favourite video


Actor/Activist, Tom Jackson's inciteful and concise look at the catastrophe that is Attawapiskat

Attawapiskat Video

Tom and George Stroumboulopoulos


Anishinaaba Activist/Speaker, Winona La Duke and her thoughts on Apology and Redemption. That both are need for true healing to begin.



Judge Napolitano's freedom rant. Not surprisingly, it was his last show as it was cancelled by FOX TV.  Canadians cannot sit back and be complacent — for example, the Harper government's most recent push to invade and examine all our Internet communications, e-mail, etc. without a search warrant!


Watch video here




what happens when we violate Mother Earth's instructions.








The Art of Living: A Practical Guide to be alive.  I am a contributor to the published book in the "Messages from Mother Earth" section.
A sight with some of my teachings
The Spoons - Nothing much else to say.  Sandy's other gig
Site of a wonderfully creative woman, Leslie Walker-Fitzpatrick
Wonderful Canadian Actor and my unofficial adopted Bro'.  He is funny, very, very talented. Canada should be proud that we have actors of his calibre working in this country.

Beautiful art by a very talented Metis Artist, Timothy Mohan

Tony Brown is a, storyteller, drummer, Banjo player, speaker, a coach, and Certified Coach Facilitator.


Arts for Children and Youth.  A venerable organization that combines artists with students in Toronto's under-served schools.  I love working with them.

 Aboriginal Education Centre - an arm of the Toronto District School Board. They are committed to the educational success of Aboriginal Students and to infusing Ontario's curriculum with the richness of First Nations cultures. I work them as well.


Great Site for Women!

Beautiful Native Design fabrics and other arts and crafts - located on the Curve Lake First Nations Reserve, near Peterborough, Ontario

Terrific Range of Animated Images

Pretty Good Animated Graphics Page
Centre For Indigenous Sovereignty
Very Cool Graphics for Headings and stuff

Good information and really good Native graphics, among other things - Avoids the Native "Barbie Doll" look